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The Foreign Workers Centralized Management System or is a multi touch-point system, involving a full-fledged web-based online management system backed by a secure data processing management infrastructure developed for the Government of Malaysia.

is our flagship solution developed exclusively for governments of countries that recruit large numbers of migrant workers with modules that can be tailored to the needs of Governments or countries. In the Malaysian Government model, our solution also involves relevant parties in all source countries that recruit migrant workers to Malaysia. provides a common platform for all key stakeholders to interact and manage the various processes associated with employing migrant workers. The key stakeholders of are for instance Malaysian Government Departments such as the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) and the Immigration Department, related Malaysian and foreign Embassies, registered Malaysian employers, and migrant workers themselves.

This proprietary system is designed as an end-to-end migrant worker management solution that is efficient, highly secure, and is designed to enable the multiple categories of user involved to easily utilise and manage their respective processes. The system takes the whole process of recruiting, managing, monitoring and reporting of migrant workers online, in a paperless environment.

Most importantly, this system takes into account every critical security screening and administrative procedure, endeavoring to make the recruitment and management of migrant workers as hassle-free as possible. The system is also fully secure, transparent and fraud-proof, ensuring workers are carefully selected, vetted and hired in a time-saving, streamlined environment in accordance with statutory norms.

To facilitate the functioning of we have dedicated One Stop Centers set-up located throughout the country and a 24-hour Call Centre to cater to the needs of employers, migrant workers and any other party requiring assistance.