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Note: Data that you enter must match the information that you have provided to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia.

You should receive OTP via email and SMS within 30 minutes, if you do not receive it please update your contact details to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia.

Please contact our Call Centre to get the Activation Code, before you can proceed with registration process.

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By checking the box, you hereby agree and undertake to comply with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 insofar as you process the personal data of the foreign Worker(s) employed by you. You further warrant that you have obtained all necessary consents from your employees/foreign Worker(s) for their personal data to be processed by the FWCMS operated and managed by Bestinet Sdn Bhd and have read and understood the aforesaid Terms & Conditions for using this facility.

If you do not receive the email and/or the SMS, you may reapply for login credentials with your details as available with MyIMMs.
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This page is to faciliatate the registartion of the Employers with FWCMS who are already registered with Immigration of Malaysia.

Please enter the data required as you have provided to Immigration of Malaysia. Any discrepency would not allow you to complete this step.

The details to be entered include: Employer ROC/ROB/Association No. (as on the Company ROC); Employer email address (as mentioned with Immigration); Employer contact number (Updated with the Immigration).

In case if you do not recollect or forgotten any of the information required, please visit the Immigration Counter to have the same updated. Please give 24 hours for the system to update once you have requested for the same.

Please enter Security Code post entering all the other details, then check the box and then click on Submit to proceed.