Unic Hair Stylist Saloon

  • "I have no problem using your company system when apply for VISA for my worker. I think it really help the employer to submit the visa online withour waiting too long and have to wait at Immigration dealing the counter. I really impressed and satiesfied with the process especially your staff who are really helpful when assist me during my time doing the VDR. My opinion is this system is really really good and save cost but just need to improve in medical part. There is not clinic in India can do the medical check up using FWCMS. Thank you again for your kind help"

Calvary Automation Sdn Bhd

  • "I was satisfied with the helpful and friendly service that I received by the staff of Bestinet and FWCMS. I hope that you will go on doing a good job. The system itself makes it easier for employers to process their documents. I think there are still some glitches to be worked out such as ensuring that staff of all relevant departments understanding and implementing the system; but I am confident that these can be settled soon."

M&S Food Industries Sdn Bhd

  • "I have been using the online of FWCMS since September 2014 and so far I have not had any problem with it. At the beginning there was a problem but with very helpful hand from Mr Mohd Khairul Nizam, he manage to solved the problem on time. I just really do feel if this software can completed and it is a best of one stop centre applying Foreigner Worker matter in the software market today. I highly recommend this product for use for apply Foreigner Worker matter since I know that it will do a great job"

Restoran Shameer Al-Arabi

  • "As we are one of the clients whom has used the online system to recruit foreign staffs, I would like to share my experience of using it. First of all, I would like to thank the customer service team especially Mr.Khairul for assisting us in applying for foreign staffs via online. Regarding the online system, first we had a lot difficulties when applying because the system gone down very often. Other than that, the response for online application was very late. In overall the process was not smooth. Perhaps, it is a new system. Everyone need time to adopt it. But with the assistance from Mr Khairul and his team, we manage to gone through the system successfully. Appreciate your support. "

MMC Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd

  • "As per tele-conversation, our company could not get our Foreign Workers New Quota update in the FWCMS system. Therefore, we unable to submit the VRD Application through online. Attached herewith the document (KDD Approval, KDN Receipt & KDN Acknowledgement Form) for your side to take further action dealing with Immigration Department. Highly appreciated for your help regarding this matter. Besides that, our company would like to thank you for the efficiency in helping us dealing with the log in problems for the FWCMS yesterday. It take only less than one day for your side to settle this problems. We also can observe that your system is very secure. It is easy to handle and secure compare to the other system. "

DAC Event and Management Sdn Bhd

  • "We are impressed about FWCMS System as it was convenient, reliable, and efficient security system to apply for the eVDR. After visiting your website and go through the tutorial about applying the eVDR, we drop by at your service centre at FWCMS Subang Skypark to get more information about it including the insurance part and process. After getting assistance of your well experience team, especially the effort by the Manager it self En. Hardy Baba, we like to use FWCMS system for our coming quota and workers. Thank you FWCMS for providing the system which helping the employer on online application. "

Ichiban Food & Beverages Sdn Bhd

  • "We have used the FWCMS system and we are impressed as to how convenient, reliable, and efficient to apply for the eVDR. Initially, we thought that it would be troublesome as we were not familiar with the online application but with the assistance of your well informed team, especially the effort by team leader En. Hardy, our eVDR was issued within a short period of time. Our workers arrived after a waiting time period and this system helped to shorten the application time when compared to applying over the Immigration counter. "

Brother Industries Technology (M) Sdn Bhd

  • "We had done the online VDR application and the result were approved and successfully. Now just waiting to pay the Government fee at Immigration. However we want to express our gratitude for your kind guidance and cooperation towards us. "

Shan Sri Dewi Restaurant Sdn Bhd

  • "Thank you for teaching me how to use the FWCMS Online System."