• eQuota

  • Enables online application submission for quota to employ migrant workers.
  • eVDR

  • Enables registered employers or their designated representative to electronically submit Visa with Reference or Visa Dengan Rujukan (VDR) applications of migrant workers for online processing and approval via the Portal.
  • eVDR Replacement

  • Enables registered employers or their designated representative to apply online for replacement of a particular migrant worker for whom a Visa with Reference or Visa Dengan Rujukan (VDR) had previously been approved but is unable to proceed with employment subject to certain allowed cases.
  • ePLKS

  • Enables online submissions of applications for Visitor Pass for Temporary Employment or PL(KS) for migrant Workers to be submitted and processed online. If approved, employers can then make online payment directly through and collect their PL(KS) stickers from Immigration Department counters, at one of our One Stop Centres or through any other authorised channel.

    Moreover, is designed to assist employers by sending automatic alerts to notify them of any impending PL(KS) due to expire to enable them to take the necessary action beforehand.
  • eCOM

  • Enables online submissions of applications for Check-Out Memo (COM) and issuance.
  • eEnforcement

  • This module is designed to issue automated online Alerts and Notifications to enforcement authorities for them to take action on employers who flout the law, from employers not renewing individual work permits or PL(KS), to non-compliance to FOMEMA medical checkup requirements. In addition, our e-Complaints sub-module complements this feature by channeling reports of abuse and exploitation made by Foreign Workers via directly to the relevant authorities and NGOs.
  • eEmbassy

  • This module is designed to enable online submissions for Visa processing and will eliminate the need for manual applications and checking.
  • eComplaints

  • The Online Complaints module ensures greater protection for migrant workers utilising the Worker Portal. Complaints made via the Worker Portal can be automatically forwarded to any relevant agencies and NGOs authorised by the Government. A complainant may also come personally to our One Stop Centres located nationwide where interpreters will be made available to assist them. In this case, we will perform biometric verification beforehand wherever possible to prevent cases of fraudulent reporting by irresponsible parties.

    As a secondary avenue for complaints, toll-free contact numbers for Government agencies and NGOs such as the Human Resources Department, Immigration Department, the Royal Malaysian Police, the International Labor Organisation and the International Organisation for Migration will be displayed prominently on the Worker Portal.

    In case of emergencies, an affected worker may also call our toll-free call centre directly for emergency assistance or for us to forward their complaint or emergency to the relevant authorities for action.
  • Dashboard Reporting

  • Our system provides comprehensive reporting on the status of the foreign workforce nationwide. It is designed to assist Government agencies to track and compile detailed migrant worker statistics to enable comprehensive, detailed and accurate record keeping and reporting.

    Statistical data will be accessible for numerous data field permutations for instance total number of workers by nationality, state or sector, number of runaway workers reported by a specific employer, number of approvals issued per day or month, and number of new foreign worker arrivals by nationality.
  • Foreign Workers Insurance Purchase Compliance

  • The objective of this sub-module is to assist employers to ensure that all the necessary migrant worker insurance policies are purchased and renewed accordingly. Currently there are three insurance compliance requirements for foreign workers in Malaysia, namely the Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme (FWCS), the Foreign Workers Hospitalization and Surgical Scheme (SKHPPA) and the Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG).

    In the traditional process, the issue of employers neglecting to purchase or not renewing their migrant worker insurance policies has been a major challenge for the Malaysian Government due to the fact that there was previously no proper methodology to systematically verify compliance. utilizes a System Compliance approach to ensure foolproof purchases by making it mandatory for employers to purchase these insurance policies before being allowed to proceed with VDR applications or PL(KS) renewals.
  • Worker Runaway Reporting & Insurance Guarantee Claims

  • System compliance will compel an employer to make a migrant Worker Runaway Report through which will then notify the relevant authorities and auto submit an Insurance Guarantee (IG) claim electronically to the relevant Insurer for its further action. The Insurer is then responsible to issue the claim amount directly to the Immigration Department.