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The traditional process of recruiting migrant workers is a complex and challenging process due to regulatory compliance requirements and myriad security challenges. Everyone involved – from government agencies, to employers, to migrant workers and recruitment agents in source countries – are traditionally tied-up in multi-step, time-consuming manual processes. takes the entire process life-cycle involving migrant workers into a secure, integrated online environment. From seeking approval, to recruitment, to management and finally sending the worker home, everything can be managed and tracked online. The system replicates all traditional mandatory steps minimising the need to be physically present at the immigration counter. This makes far more efficient, transparent and cost-effective for all users and stakeholders, while at the same time being compliant to existing statutory norms.

Below is an overview of the process from the perspective of a Malaysian employer :

Step 1: eKuota - Application for Quota to Recruit Migrant Workers from Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN)

Step 2: eEmbassy - Application for Worker Recruitment at Source Country Embassy in Malaysia

Step 3: eRecruitment - Migrant Worker Recruitment in Source Country either personally or by Registered Recruitment Agents

Step 4: BioMedical - Selected Worker registers Biometric and Demographic Data then undergoes Medical Screening in Source Country

Step 5: eVDR - Online Application for Visa with Reference (VDR), Online Payment of Fees and Purchase of Required Insurance

Step 6: BioVisa - Application for BioVisa at Malaysian Embassy or One Stop Centres in Source Country

Step7: Biometric Verification of Workers Upon Arrival at Malaysian Port of Entry

Step 8: FOMEMA Medical Check-up within One Month of Arrival and During Subsequent Renewals of Work Permit

Step 9: ePLKS - Online Application of Work Permit from Malaysian Immigration Department

Step 10: eCOM - Online Application of Check Out Memo (COM) Before Leaving Malaysia to Return Home