Bio-Medical Module

With an ever growing migratory labour workforce employed in many countries, it has become imperative to have effective medical testing conducted on aspiring workers in source countries before they are allowed to go abroad to work. The ever growing challenges faced by countries that employ migrant labour include diseases and sicknesses introduced by these workers to the host country and this has a very significant impact on the social wellbeing of its people.

To effectively monitor and manage health issues and medical data, it is imperative for the relevant authorities to have a system that can effectively capture, process and store medical data to facilitate a fast response time to preempt any medical issues that may arise.

This is done via a network of participating medical test centers in the various labour source countries that are integrated and connected through our BioMedical portal. This system is designed to streamline the medical check-up process to prevent rampant cases of fraudulent medical reporting and the resulting potential for exploitation of migrant workers by unscrupulous parties.

Biometric and demographic data are first captured through the system, and medical reports are then made available online through our BioMedical portal, which greatly reduces processing time and enhances efficiency. Moreover, the system features real-time status updates, and activity reporting and the overall performance tracking of individual participating medical centers.